Adam S. Backer

Harry S. Truman Fellow at Sandia National Laboratories in the Bioenergy and Biodefense Division
Phone: (518) 441-1891
Please see my CV for a current account of my research and publications.

About me: My research involves building microscopes that can see objects in three dimensions, and resolve structures smaller than the wavelength of light -- a feat thought impossible for over a hundred years. My extracurricular activities include art, movies, and reading the New Yorker magazine.


Exhbits may be updated or removed without prior notice.

Light-field micrograph viewer: View and manipulate light-field micrographs acquired using a scanning pinhole that was mechanically translated by hand.

Single-molecule super-resolution microscopy: A cutting-edge imaging technique that I had the opportunity to work on while completing my doctoral research.

eigenConvicts: The "eigenfaces" of crime-- as inferred from a Google images search.